Germaine Damar

Germaine Damar ( born August 31, 1929 in Petingen ) is a Luxembourg film actress and acrobatic artist. Her real name is Germaine Haeck, later Germaine Haeck Toporow, in some headers film she is also listed under their temporary stage name Ria Poncelet.


She was the third of four daughters of the lodge worker Dominique Haeck and his wife Barbara Poncelet. In Turnverein of Niederkorn Germaine Damar laid the foundations for their future career. With her ​​sister Geny and two teachers turn it formed here already the acrobats Quartet Los Habaneros. However, she fled with her ​​parents and siblings on 10 May 1940 after the occupation of Luxembourg by German troops to Paris. There, the 12 -year-old continued to develop their talents and performed with her sister Geny and her former gym instructor Atilio Bariviera as a trio Delux in Alhambra and Bobino. She also explores still took dance lessons and was trained in drama and ballet.


After the Second World War she traveled to North Africa and the Near East and entered among other things with her sister Sylvie and her husband as a trio Vialine in Cairo against King Farouk on. Now was the stage name Ria Poncelet. In Cairo, she also met the actress Zarah Leander know that they switched to screen test for May 10, 1952, the Duke movie rentals. Shortly thereafter, she received her first role in the film revue Dancing Stars, although Herbert Tischendorf (producer) and Robert A. Stemmle (Director) were not happy with the recording, but Geza von Cziffra was looking for a such a talented dancer for his music film. She changed her name from Germaine Germaine Damar Haeck in and was a long time in the press as a French dancer.

After this breakthrough, Germaine Damar received a contract and played in a further 28 films, including three films with Peter Alexander as a partner. Her most famous music / dance movie The legs of Dolores (1957 ) was a huge success in Argentina, and Germaine Damar moved for three years to South America, where he became a popular television star, who got his own TV show. In 1963 she made her last movie in Spain.

For his documentary Germaine Damar - The Dancing Star (2011 ) claimed director Michael Wenk Luxembourg Actress decades after her career end again before the camera. In the documentation Germaine Damar looks back on her fairytale -style ascent to movie star of the 1950s, but also reports on professional and personal failures.


Germaine Damar was romantically involved for some time with the actor Georg Thomalla and producer Andreas C. Schuller. In Argentina, she met her future husband, know the American novel G. Toporow and married name with him. In 1964 she gave up the profession, 1966, she gave her son Roman Martin 's life. Her husband died in 1993 and Germaine Damar has since lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Documentary about Germaine Damar

  • 2011: Germaine Damar - The Dancing Star (directed by Michael Wenk )