German destroyer Z1 Leberecht Maass

Z 1 Leberecht Maass was one of four destroyers of the 1934 class destroyers of the German Navy. The boat was named after Rear Admiral Leberecht Maass, who commanded the German security forces and torpedo boats in the sea battle at Helgoland in August 1914 and there in the sinking of his flagship, the light cruiser SMS Cologne, had been killed.


September 3, 1939 shelled the destroyer Leberecht Maass and Wolfgang Zenker, under the command of Rear Admiral Günther Lütjens, the Polish destroyer Wicher and the minelayer Gryf in the port of Hela. A Polish land battery on the Hela Peninsula intervened in the artillery duel, and a 15 - cm - hit on the Leberecht Maass called four dead and four wounded. Then Wolfgang Zenker laid a smoke screen, and Lütjens broke off the attack.

For the rescue experiments, the sister boat Max Schultz hit a mine and sank the same field with the entire crew of 308 men.


  • Lieutenant Commander Frederick Traugott Schmidt --- 14 January to 29 September 1937
  • Frigate Captain Gerhard Wagner --- October 4, 1937 to April 4, 1939
  • Lieutenant Commander Fritz Bassenge --- April 5, 1939 to February 22, 1940