German Inland Waterways Museum

The museum, founded in 1974, the German inland navigation is located in the district of Duisburg Ruhr place, the nucleus of Duisburg- Ruhrorter ports today form the largest European inland port complex.

With the purchase of the Museum Ship Oscar Huber in 1974, the company achieved the promotion of the museum of the German inland shipping their first destination. In 1979 the arrival of the first collection in the former town hall Ruhrorter. In 1998, at the International Building Exhibition Emscher Park ( IBA) moving into the former Ruhrorter indoor pool, making numerous exhibits have one of the size of the collection found around the technology, economic and social history of inland navigation appropriate home.

In the former Mr. swimming pool there is a barge of 1913 under full sail to the public. In the women's indoor swimming pool, a walk-in replica of an inland vessel will offer impressions of life on board when construction is completed.

Very close to the museum, at the riser Schifferbörse, there are two museum ships:

  • Seitenradschleppdampfer Oscar Huber
  • Steam bucket dredger Minden

They are open from May to September visitors. The Museum of German Inland Waterways is part of the Route of Industrial Heritage.