German Karting Championship

The German Kart Championship is the highest racing series in the German karting and is discharged from the German Motorsport Association.

German switch - Kart Championship ( KZ2 ) discharged - As part of the DKM (KF ) and the DJKM be - German Junior Kart Championship ( KFJ ) and the steam jet ejector chiller.

Driving is equipped with karts, which are usually used directly from the factory teams of the kart manufacturer and with powerful 2- stroke engines.

The end of a race weekend

The weekend begins Friday with registration, technical acceptance, tire output and driver's meeting, also Friday is reserved for free training. On Saturday morning, First a fifteen- minute free practice session before in a ten-minute qualifying grid positions will be determined for the afternoon stattfndenen heats ( Heats ). For this, the field of riders, divided on the basis of time training in groups. Each group runs once each against any other group. In the evening all the results of the preliminary heats will be added together for the best 28 riders this table qualify directly for the final race on Sunday. Sunday morning begins with a ten minute warm- up, followed by repechage, where the last six places are extended for the final race. The first season finale is set up according to the state of heats and the result of the repechage, the second final race will be started after the result of the first race. The race distance for the pre- and hope passes is in the seniors ( KF/KZ2 ) 15 km, with the juniors ( KFJ ) 10 km. The final race will be about 25 km, and 20 km of wear. A rider may reach 52 points maximum per weekend (Final victory: 25 Pole Positions: 2 points).

The races take place on the best outdoor kart tracks, which currently exist in Germany and German border area. Moreover, in the DKM also prize money for the rankings are issued, which should make the series more attractive. The costs can be met through although by no means. The cost of a season amounts to about 50,000 euros.

Season 2013

Schweppermannring Ampfing

ProKart Raceland Wackersdorf

Erftlandring Kerpen

Hunsrückring cock

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