German–Polish Border Treaty (1990)

The German - Polish Border Treaty is a on November 14, 1990 concluded between Germany and Poland international treaty.

The Treaty between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Poland on the confirmation of the existing border between them guarantees the inviolability of state borders and thus represents a renunciation of violence


In the Two-Plus- Four Treaty of 12 September 1990, the boundaries of the reunified Germany established as final and a German-Polish border agreement had been announced. In addition, both gave the German parliament, the Bundestag and the People's Chamber, the poles identical preliminary assurances to the final recognition of the Oder -Neisse border.

The German -Polish Border Treaty finally confirmed the recognized as a political western border in Gorlitz agreement with the GDR as well as in the Warsaw Treaty with the Federal Republic of Germany Oder- Neisse line as inviolable. Furthermore, commit ourselves both states to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each other fully and mutually to raise no territorial claims. These formulations relate primarily to the eastern territories of the German Reich.

"The Contracting Parties confirm the frontier between them, their course is defined in the Agreement of July 6, 1950 between the German Democratic Republic and the Republic of Poland on the demarcation of the established and existing Polish-German border and in the agreements for its implementation and supplementary agreements (Act of 27 January 1951 on the demarcation of the border between Germany and Poland; agreement dated 22 May 1989 between the German Democratic Republic and the people's Republic on the delimitation of sea areas or bay ) and the agreement of December 7, 1970 determined on the basis of the normalization of mutual relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the People's Republic of Poland. " ( Article 1 of the German - Polish Border Treaty)

The agreement was signed by the then foreign ministers of both countries, Hans -Dietrich Genscher and Krzysztof Skubiszewski, in Warsaw.

In Poland, the ratification took place on 26 November 1991, the German Bundestag ratified on 16 December 1991, both this and the agreement signed on 17 June 1991 German - Polish neighborhood contract that states the inviolability of borders and territories in Article 2. Both contracts were published in the Federal Law Gazette of 21 December 1991 and came upon the exchange of instruments of ratification on 16 January 1992.