German submarine U-151 (1940)


M 39 460

German works, Kiel

September 25, 1939


July 6, 1940

December 14, 1940

January 15, 1941

No patrols


U 151 was a German U- boat of the type II D, which was used in World War II by the German Navy.


The contract for the boat was awarded on 25 September 1939 the German shipyard works, Kiel. The keel was laid on 6 July 1940 the launch on 14 December 1940, and was commissioned under Lieutenant John Oester man on January 15, 1941.

The boat belonged after its entry into service until 21 July 1941 as a training boat for the 24th U- Flotilla in Memel. 22 July 1941 to March 1945, there was a school boat in the 21 U- Flotilla in pillau. From March 1945 to May 5, 1945, was as a training boat for 31 U- Flotilla in Hamburg.

U 151 was a school and training boat and took no patrols.

Use statistics

No patrols.


The boat was sunk on 5 May 1945 in Wilhelmshaven in the west chamber of the IV entrance ( wheels lock ) as part of Operation Rainbow itself.