German Wings

German Wings was a German airline based in Haar near Munich. She was one of the first private-sector airlines, which had successfully applied for line rights in Germany, but had to give it up after only one year.


Partner of the German Wings were Peter and Christian Kimmel brothers with 40%, the Frieder Burda and Franz Burda brothers with 45% and the Bavarian company Beteiligungs-AG with 15 % of the shares, the share capital amounted to 21.25 million marks. The operating mode recording was made on April 10, 1989 with a fleet of four, later six leased McDonnell Douglas MD -83. In Flew the airports of Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Paris. Around the same time is also sought the charter airline Aero Lloyd, equipped with line privileges, on the German domestic market.

The concept was to offer instead of potentially ruinous price war more service than the previous monopolist Lufthansa under the motto " A little more class." Thus, in the device class with only 114 seats - without the unloved middle seat - was equipped advertised as a single business class, basically served on the domestic routes a meal. It was the best German Wings flight in Fly - and - saver fare on the route Hamburg -Munich in late 1989 for 296, - DM there and back available. In contrast, a fully flexible return flight cost 714, - DM

The State Lufthansa tried to exploit their position to prevent unwanted competition. Lufthansa and German Wings fought in court over the issue of tickets for the other society in the interlining so that the ticket sale was initially slow. In addition, German Wings received as a new airline just unattractive departure times ( slots) at the airports, so that the use of planes usually was low and was, at the operations end still below the 60 percent needed to cover costs. Even the attempt to win a foreign airline as a partner, failed several times. German Wings had their operations due to financial difficulties after only a year in April 1990 set.

After the bankruptcy of German Wings, Lufthansa secured all rights to names and uses them since October 2002 for its subsidiary German Wings. The aircraft used by German Wings identifiers D- AGWA to -F are now also used by German Wings for their fleet.


The network of German Wings consisted of links between Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne / Bonn, Frankfurt, Munich and Paris -Charles de Gaulle.


At the time of cessation of the fleet of the German Wings consisted of six aircraft:

  • 6 McDonnell Douglas MD -83