Gersau is a municipality in the canton of Schwyz in Switzerland. The community also forms its own district.


Gersau forms a self-contained area in an embedded on the sunny, sheltered Rigisüdhang trough. Gersau is protected by the Rigi- Hochfluh and the Gersauerstock to the north and Lake Lucerne in the south against cool winds. Hence the particularly mild climate in which to thrive even chestnuts, why Gersau is in the region known as the Riviera of Lake Lucerne.

Above the village at 1550 m above sea level. M. is the Gersauer mountain Rigi Burggeist. This offers great views of the Alps and Lake Lucerne. An idyllic alpine landscape with a mountain inn, reached on foot or by cable car.


Historically prevailed the silk mill and woodworking in Gersau. Currently, however, forms of tourism the main industry Gersaus, since 1860 Gersau is a renowned spa and holiday resort with a number of hotels and inns.


The first mention was made in the Donors' Book of the monastery Muri 1064th Since 1332 Gersau was part of the forest sites as an independent unit and was named in the 1359 alliance of the IV sites. In 1390 it bought himself away from the Bailiwick of violence and Habsburg pledge. Gersau was since 1433 through the acquisition of imperial immediacy by the Emperor Sigismund a nearly 24 km ² large separate republic and the facing of the Confederation. 1798 Gersau was assigned to the Canton Waldstätte of the Helvetic Republic. After its collapse Gersau was independently for several years.

1817 was, however, the Canton of Schwyz connected by a resolution of the Diet against his will as the sixth and last district ( January 1, 1818), which leads to the special position of the municipality Gersau, which also forms its own district. From 1722 to 1817 the Feckerchilbi found in Gersau held every year on the occasion of the celebrations of 650 years Gersau republic revived in 1982 for the first time in recent time. Only since 1867, there is a road link to fountains, since 1889 also to Vitznau.



Specialties from the kitchen are Gersauer Gersauer cheesecake and " Rahmschinken ", a dessert.


  • Walter Nigg (1903-1988), theologian
  • Josef Maria Camenzind (1904-1984), Catholic priest and writer
  • Benno Ammann (1904-1986), conductor and composer