Gerthe, Rosenberg

Gerthe is a district of Bochum, which lies to the north and borders on Herne, Castrop -Rauxel and Dortmund.

Despite the large mine Lorraine and the associated chemical plants that have shaped the image of the district, have kept green areas and agriculture at the edge of the district.

Gerthe has a historic office building where the district council Bochum- Nord is located, a school center ( with the Heinrich-von -Kleist -Gymnasium and the Anne- Frank -Realschule ), the St. Mary Help of Christians Hospital, and the Cultural Work Lorraine. The cultural work is in addition to his role as a cabaret like a start -up agency for artists. Also worth seeing are the churches listed parish church of St. Elisabeth and the Christ Church.


On April 1, 1907 Hiltrop was incorporated. On February 3, 1914, part of Holthausen was added to Castrop. Harpenfeld was incorporated on April 1, 1926, together with parts of Altenbochum and Bövinghausen in Castrop. On August 1, 1929 Gerthe was incorporated to Bochum. A smaller portion came to Herne.

In the industrial estate at the Gewerkenstrasse the forced labor camp was located at the time of National Socialism mine Lorraine. Today, a residential project is located, which cares for a historic overview of the camp.