Geszt a town in Békés county is in the small area Sarkad in Hungary.

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The municipality is located in the Great Hungarian Plain, close to the border with Romania.


The population, during the Turkish occupation still free peasants, were under the rule of the Habsburgs, who were also lords here serfs.

Since 1760 was the originally Calvinist family Tisza, who came from the lower nobility of Transylvania, the only reason Lord Geszt. The Tisza built themselves a baroque castle here in 1771 and lived in the village until 1945.

Population Development

The population is due to the boundary layer, yet decreasing.


  • Bradut Romania, Romania
  • Cefa Romania, Romania

Culture and sights

  • Baroque Palace of the Tisza family
  • János Arany - Memorial

Economy and infrastructure


Geszt is a dead end village, the road ends here, a rail link is not.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Kálmán Tisza (1830-1902), Hungarian Prime Minister
  • Lajos Tisza (1832-1898), Hungarian politician and Minister

Personalities who have worked on site

  • János Arany (1817-1882), poet
  • István Tisza (1861-1918), Hungarian Prime Minister