Get the Party Started

October 9, 2001

Get the Party Started (Eng. The celebration rolling bring ) is a pop song by the American singer / songwriter Linda Perry. The title was the end of 2001 by singer P! Nk on their second album Missundaztood with Arista Records releases and released as first of four singles from the album in early 2002.

Development and production

Perry wrote the song as a result of their self-paced study of the programming of a drum machine. The rhythm track was complemented by a simple bass line and " a couple of bizarre instruments". Perry used a number of " all possible and impossible cliché phrases " for the text. Pink, a fan of Perry's band 4 Non Blondes, Perry contacted in the spring of 2001 for employees on their new album, which Perry initially rejected. Perry turned pink but the song before, because she believed in the potential of a hit. The song was recorded in Perry's home studio in Sherman Oaks. Dave Pensado mixed the recording in the Enterprise Studio in Burbank.

Music Video

Dave Meyers realized the music video for Get the Party Started as a fourth work for Pink. Meyers had already performed at the music videos for the three out-coupled from the debut album Singles Director and pink thus given an image. The enriched with many inspired by Hype Williams wide-angle shots video traces the path of Pink and her companions from home for a party before the party completes the action itself. They both use a car on their way, borrowed skateboards and the lift of a window cleaner. The video includes a scene shortly after the terrorist attacks mandatory in September 2001 American national flag.

The music video was awarded at the MTV Video Music Awards 2002 in the categories of Best Female Video and Best Dance Video.


Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic called the music database the song in his review of the album Missundaztood a " glamorous dance floor anthem," ( glitzy dancefloor anthem ). Cynthia Fuchs of describes the title as " damn contagious " ( damn infectious ).

Commercial success

Get the Party Started reached as the first single by Pink in the German charts high rankings and marked the international breakthrough for the aspiring artist.


The British singer Dame Shirley Bassey coverte the title first in 2006 for a pre-Christmas advertising campaign of the British retail company Marks & Spencer in the style of a James Bond theme and titled 2007 album on which the song is included with this name.