Ghada al-Samman

Ghada al - Samman (* 1942 in Damascus, Syria ) is a Syrian writer and journalist who has lived in Paris since the mid-1980s.


Al- Samman comes from a long-established, conservative Damascene family. She is distantly related to Nizar Qabbani Syrian poet. Her father was for some time the president of the University of Damascus. Her youth was very much influenced by her father, since her mother died when she was still a toddler. In 1962, she published her first collection of short stories entitled Your eyes are my destiny. The following year she graduated with a Bachelor exam in English literature from her studies at the University of Damascus and subsequently went to the American University of Beirut, there to obtain the Master of Arts in Theatre Studies.

Al- Samman returned in the following period not go back to Damascus. Her other publications deal inter alia with the Six- Day War and the problems of Lebanon and during the Lebanese civil war, which began in 1975,

In the late 1960s, married al - Samman a publisher. The couple has a son. In his own publishing house, she published most of their own works. The author was said to have a connection with some Palestinian poets and writers in the 1960s, so Nasr Eddin Nashashibi with the journalist and poet Kamal Nasir. Your publication of a number of love letters in the 1960s, the writer Ghassan Kanafani to them, was condemned by some contemporaries, although this relationship has never been a secret.


  • Author
  • Journalist
  • Syrian
  • Born in 1942
  • Woman