Ghana International Airlines

Ghana International Airlines, short Gial, the national airline of Ghana was based in Accra.


The airline was established in 2004 as a cooperation project between the Government of Ghana and a group of private, international investors as a successor to the 2004 liquidated Ghana Airways ( "Public Private Partnership "). She was about 70 % state-owned. Ralph Atkin, founder of SkyWest in the U.S. took over management responsibilities here. In addition, experienced senior executives from the aviation sector ( as Ian Presbury, formerly of Kenya Airways ) part of the management of Ghana International Airlines.

Ghana International Airlines began on October 29, 2005 with daily flights between Accra and London Gatwick in a Boeing 767 After the leased 767 returned, the airline decreed last a Boeing 757-200, which was leased from Astraeus.

The company had to be ambitious purchase plans with the goal of becoming the number one among the African lines. However, it is insolvent since May 14, 2010 and ceased flight operations. As a result of the insolvency of passengers stranded in London, Dusseldorf and Accra The only aircraft was returned to the owner.


Ghana International Airlines operated only a single route in regular liner service, which led to Gatwick Airport in London from Accra. Since 1 December 2008, the plane made on this route there and back every Sunday a stopover in Dusseldorf.


For adjustment of air operations in May 2010, the fleet of the Ghana International Airlines consisted of a plane: