Ghare Baire (film)

  • Soumitra Chatterjee: Sandip Mukherjee
  • Victor Banerjee: Nikhilesh Choudhury ( Nikhil )
  • Swatilekha Chatterjee: Bimal Choudhury
  • Manoj Mitra: headmaster
  • Indrapramit Roy: Amulya
  • Bimala Chatterjee: Kulada
  • Jennifer Kapoor: Miss Gilby, English tutor
  • Gopa Aich: Nikhil's sister in law

The Home and the World ( Bengali: ঘরে বাইরে, Ghare Baire; translated: Home and Outside ) is an Indian film by Satyajit Ray from 1984 The film is based on the novel by Rabindranath Thakur. .


In 1905, the British governor-general Lord Curzon, the partition of Bengal has in a Hindu and a Muslim part. Result, some parts of the population start the nationalist campaign " Swadeshi " and call for a boycott of goods produced abroad on. There are symbolic, public burnings of textiles, mainly of British origin.

Bimala is the wife of the landowner Nikhil, who enjoyed a Western education and a liberal attitude has. She lives in their rooms inside the house (note: this way of life Arab- Persian origin called Parda ) and has never felt the need to learn about the outside world. Nikhil is the only man to whom she had ever contact.

Nikhil wants it leaves the Parda and also met other men besides him, as he only could know so that she really loves him and other men prefer. In preparation they receive English lessons from a private tutor and learns the usual manners.

Bimala takes her first tentative steps outside. Nikhil provide it before his friend Sandip, a leader of the Swadeshi movement, which from then on as a guest lives in the home. The eloquent Sandip impressed Bimala, because it is completely different in its way is as quiet and vernunftausstrahlende Nikhil. Sandip borrows money from Nikhil repeated in order to maintain its upscale lifestyle in addition to his political activities.

After a short time noticed Nikhil, Bimala that is in love with Sandip. However, he also attacks then no one secretly takes money as Bimala to Sandip support because he knows that he can not influence his wife's feelings.

Bimala detects only late that the boycott of the Swadeshi movement mainly traders, mostly Muslims living in poverty, meets and Sandip's propaganda so that only contributes to the further splitting of the Bengali population.


The underlying novel the film was created by Rabindranath Thakur's own experiences and insights as Swadeshi leader. During that time, he wrote many songs on this topic, one of them sings Soumitra Chatterjee in the film.

The central theme of the film is the slow conversion of Bimala a reclusive Parda woman into a modern self-confident acting people. This is like The Home and the World Ray film Charulata (1964 ), but unlike Charulata, who worked a lot with symbolic imagery, dialogues in this film are in the foreground.

The home and the world was published in 1984 at the Cannes Film Festival and on 4 January 1985 in Indian cinemas.


" A novel adaptation classical style, which offers a multi-layered reflection on the pros and cons of a liberal, but non-violent opposition and a violent nationalist revolution as well as the position of an emancipated Indian woman between these two poles. "


  • National Film Awards 1984 Best Film in Bengali
  • Best Costume Design