Ghasem Rezaei

Ghasem Rezaei ( born August 18, 1985 in Amol ) is an Iranian wrestler. It was 2012 Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling in the heavyweight


Ghasem Rezaei grew up in his native town where he started as a teenager in 1999 with the rings. It belongs to the Sports Club Takhti Amol at ( Gholamreza Takhti was the first Iranian Olympic champion in wrestling ). He was trained mainly by Saeed Shirzad, Chamagnoli Abdullah and Mohammad Bana. He wrestles exclusively in the Greco-Roman style and is a student.

His international career began Ringer in 2004, when he was in Alma- Ata Asian junior champion in the age group " Juniors " ( up to age 18 ) at middleweight. A year later, in 2005, he was in Vilnius, back in the middleweight division, vice-world champion in the junior category. In the same year he was also already used in Budapest at the Senior World Championships but had to still pay middleweight teaching money because he lost like his first fight against Shingo Matsumoto of Japan, left, and finished only 27th place.

2006 won Ghasem Rezaei with a third place at the Asian Cup in Alma- Ata his first international medal at the senior citizens. In 2007 he was in Bishkek then for the first time Asian champion in the light heavyweight division. He won there before Assat Mambetow from Kazakhstan and Chen Xiao Fei from China. Also at the 2007 World Championships in Baku, he cut off well, since he won there in the light heavyweight bronze medal. Towards this medal he defeated Ivan Popov, Australia and Balazs Kiss, Hungary, then lost to Mindaugs Ezerskis from Latvia and triumphed over Rami Hietaniemi, Finland and Kenzo Kato, Japan. With this placement, he had already won the right to start for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Prior to these games, he was for the second time Asian champions in March 2008 in Jeju / South Korea. He pointed Margulan Assembekow from Kazakhstan and Han Tae -young of South Korea to the places. At the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 he lost again against Mindaugas Ezerskis, albeit with 3:4 points quite scarce. Since Ezerskis not reached the final, he was eliminated and only came on the 16th Place.

After this disappointment, he was in the next few years in any international championship more at the start. In 2011 he won then the preparatory tournament for the Olympic Games 2012 in London Daigoro Timoncini, Italy and György Rizmajer, Hungary. In Astana he won in March 2012 with a tournament victory before Norikatsu Saikawa, Japan, Zhai Ningchao, China and Margulan Assembekow the right to start at the Olympic Games in London. There he was in excellent shape and has been with wins over Cenk Ildem, Turkey, Artur Aleksanyan, Armenia, Yunior Estrada Falcon, Cuba and Rustam Totrow, Russia Olympic champion in the light heavyweight division.

International success


  • All competitions in the Greco-Roman style
  • OS = The Olympic Games, WM = World Cup
  • Middleweight, to 2001 kg and 85 kg, between 2002 and 84 kg, light heavyweight, since 2002-96 kg body weight


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