Ghat, Libya


Ghat (Arabic غات, DMG GAT) is a place in Libya. It is located in the southwest of Fezzan in the region bordering Algeria to the same Munizip.

Ghat is mainly inhabited by Tuareg and 2010 had approximately 5000 inhabitants. She was long a station of the Trans-Saharan trade. It was also an important craft center, most notably the blacksmith shops with their swords were of great importance. Nevertheless, there are first written messages only with the assumption of power by the Ottomans in the mid-19th century. Due to its remote location, Ghat was hardly the focus of the authorities in Tripoli. The Italians surrendered the place until 1930. After the revolution in Libya left the 12,000 residents in 1980, the old town, after the Libyan government had new buildings with a good water supply erected.

Ghat often serves as a starting point for trips to the mountain and desert Acacus region in which there are numerous petroglyphs.

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