Ghirone is a village and had been the elimination of Aquila in 1853 an independent municipality in the district Blenio of the canton of Ticino in Switzerland.

As of October 22, 2006 Ghirone with Aquila, Campo (Blenio ) Olivone and Torre was merged to form the new municipality Blenio.


Ghirone is the farthest settlement in Bleniotal. A village of this name does not exist. The former municipality encompassed the left of the river Brenno scattered hamlet in the Val Camadra Aquilesco, Baselga and Cozzera. Until the 19th century, which is located on the other side of the valley Buttino was inhabited throughout the year. The highest point of the territory forms the Piz Medel ( 3,210 m above sea level. M. ).

Neighboring communities were from the east clockwise Aquila, Olivone and Campo (Blenio ) in the canton of Ticino, as well as Medel ( Lucmagn ) and Vrin in the canton of Grisons.

Fusion community

The Canton of Parliament on 25 January 2005 adopted originally by the spring of 2006 proposed merger of the five municipalities of the upper valley portion was delayed by an appeal of the municipality of Aquila. After the Federal Court dismissed the complaint in April 2006, the road to fusion was free.


  • Parish church of Santi Martino and Giorgio in the district Baselga.
  • Ossuary.
  • In the district Aquilesco, Oratory of San Rocco.
  • In the district Cozzera, Oratory of San Bernardino da Siena.
  • Greina level.
  • Lago di Luzzone.