Giambattista Lolli

Giambattista Lolli (* 1698 in Nonantola, † June 4, 1769 ) was an Italian chess player.

Together with Ercole del Rio and Domenico Lorenzo Ponziani, which also came from the area around Modena, he was one of the most important chess theorist of his time. His fame is based on the 1763 published in Bologna factory Osservazioni teorico - Pratiche sopra il giuoco degli scacchi ( German: Theoretical and practical considerations about the game of chess ). It contains analyzes of openings, especially the Italian game.

In the King's Gambit (now no longer in use ) is version 1 e2 -e4 e7 - e5 2 f4 f2 - f3 e5xf4 3 Sg1 - g7- g5 4 Lf1 - c4 g5 - g4 ( Muzio Gambit ) 5 to Lc4xf7 Lolli named. ( Lolli Gambit )

It illustrates the aligned on uncompromising attacking style of the Italian masters, which significantly differs from the marked more by strategic considerations style of François -André Philidor Danican. In addition, the book contains hundreds of playoffs. One of these positions was used by William Heinse in his novel Anastasia and the game of chess.

  • Chess Player (Italy )
  • Chess players
  • Historical person (Italy )
  • Born in 1698
  • Died in 1769
  • Man