Gian Battista Mantegazzi

Giovanni " Gian " Battista Mantegazzi ( born October 23, 1889 in Riva San Vitale, Ticino, † February 5, 1958 in Zurich ) was a Swiss composer and conductor.


Already at age 11, he was involved in the band of his birthplace. The Father, the otherwise very encouraged him, but insisted that his son should only complete a painting apprenticeship. During the First World War Mantegazzi attended the Geneva Conservatory, later the Academy of Music in Bologna, at the brass music was part of the regular curriculum, which he left in 1919 with the award " Maestro ".

In Genoa - Nervi (Italy ), he found his first job as director of the Banda Municipale and as Head of the School of Music " Giuseppe Verdi ". In 1924 he left Italy again and he returned to his homeland, where he stayed initially with composing over water. In October 1924, he was elected Director of the City Music Schaffhausen. From 1928 he also took over the city of Zurich music. Mantegazzi brought both wind band to the highest level; some joint concerts were organized. Since 1938 he worked at the Musikverein in harmony Thalwil near Zurich as a conductor. He coined by his musical work as well as his personality, the history of this ensemble lasting from 1938 until his death. In 1941 he founded a big band with horns 110 and 30 drummers for the Swiss Army, which however has been dissolved at the end of the year.

In 1949 he received the honorary prize of the city of Zurich for his work. He was also a teacher at the Conservatory, conducted training courses conductor of the Zurich Cantonal music club and was fond heard a speaker at technical conferences. As a composer was summoned Mantegazzi great success. His oeuvre comprises some 250 works.


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