Giancarlo Baghetti

Giancarlo Baghetti (born 25 December 1934 in Milan, † November 27, 1995 ) was an Italian Formula 1 racing driver who was the only driver since the first season, who won his debut Formula 1, Grand Prix of France 1961. however, it remained his only victory.

Beginnings in motorsport

Ciancarlo Baghetti was the eldest son of a Milanese industrialist family. After the war, he attended high school and was later to take over his father's work. Early on, he got access to motor sport. As a child he had a miniature car with a 750 cc engine. At 14, he got a Lambretta, with the case of a mountain race, he won the class of motor scooters as a teenager.

1956 Baghetti drove an Alfa Romeo 1900 TI his first circuit race. The following year he started on a Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint in the 1300s GT class in uphill races. In 1958 he won two international mountain trials and finished in the Mille Miglia, which was held this year as the rally special stages, finished second in the 1300ern. In 1959 he bought a Fiat Abarth 700 - cc engine, which he successfully intervened with two international races in Montlhery, prompting him Carlo Abarth took in his team for record runs in Monza.

From 1960 Baghetti drove in Formula Junior and won twice in Monza (27 March and 25 April 1960), respectively, just before the former Italian Formula Junior Elite.

End of the 1960 season agreed that FISA (Fédération Internationale du Sport Automobile) and Ferrari, to give 1961 a young Italians the opportunity for advancement into Formula 1. Ferrari introduced the FISA revised 1960 car available that chose Giancarlo Baghetti as a driver.

Career in formula, sports and touring cars

Baghetti won with the Ferrari 156, the FISA began, equal to his first Formula 1 race, non counting for the World Cup Grand Prix of Syracuse, on April 25 in 1961 Dan Gurney in a Porsche 718 Eleven weeks later, on 2 July 1961, he won the Grand Prix of France. His best results in the 1962 season were the fourth place in the Grand Prix of the Netherlands and the fifth place in the Grand Prix of Italy. Baghetti drove in his first two Formula 1 seasons total of seven races, came four times to the target, reaching a total of 14 championship points.

Before his Formula 1 debut Baghetti started already as a works driver for Ferrari at the 12 - hour race. In the 1000 - km race at the Nürburgring in 1961 he went with Willy Mairesse a Ferrari 250 GT to fifth place in the overall standings; In 1962, he was - also on Ferrari - partner of Lorenzo Bandini.

His other stakes in Formula 1 have been less successful. In 1963, he started five times for the ATS team ( Automobili Turismo Sport ), 1964 six times for BRM and the Scuderia Centro Sud and in the following three years he completed each one race at the Italian Grand Prix for Brabham, Reg Parnell Racing and Lotus. From 14 started the race he could finish only six. More championship points he did not reach it.

In the following years Baghetti launched in the European Touring Car Championship with Alfa Romeo and Fiat Abarth. Finally, he moved to the Formula 2 and ended there his racing career after a serious accident at a race at Monza in 1968.

Later he worked as a journalist and photographer in the fields of motor sports and fashion.


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