Giancarlo Bellini

Tour de France Winner mountains classification: 1976 Girobio Overall winner: 1970

Giancarlo Bellini ( born September 15, 1945 in Crosa, sometimes called Gian Carlo Bellini ) is an Italian former professional road racer. Bellini came first appearance in 1970 when he won the first edition of the Baby Giro, an offshoot of the Giro d' Italia for cyclists before the completion of their 26th year of life, for themselves. His greatest success was in 1976 at the Tour de France winning the polka dot jersey for the best climber. This year he was with the 16th in the overall standings of the Tour also prove his best finish. Another significant achievement was winning a stage of the Giro d' Italia in 1978. Bellini's son Marco is also a former professional cyclist.