Gianluca Naso

Gianluca Naso ( born January 6, 1987 in Trapani ) is an Italian tennis player.

  • 2.2.1 Tournament Win


Gianluca Naso plays mainly on the ATP Challenger Tour and the ITF Futures Tour.

He has so far been celebrating a single and a double win on the ITF Futures Tour. On the ATP Challenger Tour he won until now the single tournament in San Benedetto in 2012 and two double tournaments, both in 2008 in Genoa and in Todi. 16 July 2012, he first broke the top 200 in the world rankings in singles and his highest ranking was 175th rank in July 2012. In doubles he broke through for the first time on 13 July 2009, the top 200 and reached as the best value in 189th place October 2012.



Tournament Win


Tournament Win