Gianni Agus

Gianni Agus (actually Giovanni Battista Agus, born August 17, 1917 in Cagliari, † March 5, 1994 in Rome ) was an Italian actor.


Agus graduated in Handelsfachwirt and then pursued his film interests pursued already in his Sardinian home professionally at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, which he left in 1938, financial statements. In the same year he began working with the theater troupe of Marisa Merlini and Renato Cialente and debuted in film with a role in Carmine Gallones Giuseppe Verdi. After the Second World War, he was a partner of numerous comedians such as Totò, Erminio Macario, Renato Rascel and Wanda Osiris in revues and musical comedies (Al Grande Hotel 1949 Sogno di una notte di questa estate in 1950, Gran baraonda 1952) and began in 1949 a career as an - and a character actor in film. Until his death he was active in numerous roles.

Agus also belonged in 1954 to the first, which could be seen in television; also here mostly in operettas and comedies which have been adapted for the new medium. He was married to the Austrian soubrette Lilo Weibel since 1952. Obituaries Agus designated as the "perfect Stooges ".

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