Gianni De Luca

Gianni De Luca ( born January 27, 1927 in Gagliato, Italy, † June 6, 1991 in Rome, Italy ) was an Italian comic book artist.

Life and work

De Luca broke off his studies in architecture in order to devote himself to drawing comics. His comic book debut, he celebrated in 1947 with a contribution for the Catholic youth magazine Il Vittorioso. In the 1950s, he collaborated with the magazine Il Giornalino. After a long pause, in which De Luca had turned to painting and illustration and not drawn comics, he began in 1969 with the Western series Bob Jason. In the 1970s, De Luca began with Il Commissario Spada his most famous series and drew three Shakespeare's plays as comics. De Luca drew to its end of life comics; I Giorni dell'Impero was published posthumously.

De Luca received the Yellow Kid in 1971.