Giant Inverted Boomerang

Déjà Vu at Six Flags Magic Mountain, photographed from the observation tower Sky Tower

The Giant Inverted Boomerang roller coaster is a model of type shuttle coaster manufacturer Vekoma.

The route of the Giant Inverted Boomerang is similar to the route of the Boomerang roller coaster model from the same manufacturer. The differences in the route are that the two towers have a pitch of 90 °, the loop is not parallel to the station, but located diagonally across the station and the Cobra Roll is traversed in a different direction.

The train is pulled by a cable backwards a 58 m high vertical tower. At the top latches from the train and moves forward down the tower and through the station by the 33.5 m high cobra roll into it. After the cobra roll the train up to the 31 m high loop and the second, also vertical tower. Here, the train connects to it again and pulled back to the 58 m height. Now the train unlatches again and travels the route in reverse. On the first tower got back, the train is trapped and slowly left the station back down.

The trains of the Giant Inverted Boomerangs have eight cars with seating for four people (one series for four people). The outer seats of each row are offset slightly back so that each row of seats has a similarity with a V. Passengers must be large between 1.37 m and 1.93 m in order to ride may. As restraint system come shoulder strap for use.



There has been an increase in problems with this roller coaster type, as the train has passed through the track backwards. He did not have enough speed to get through the cobra roll, and it has therefore come to a halt. Therefore, in these pathways an exit platform were retrofitted to the top of the cobra roll.


  • Installations of the " Giant Inverted Boomerang "

Cobra Roll of Déjà Vu at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Stunt case at Parque Warner Madrid, opening in 2002