Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope

The Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope ( GMRT ), at a site about 80 km north of Pune, India, at an altitude of 588 m, is the world's largest radio telescope for wavelengths in the meter range.

GMRT is a radio interferometer consisting of 30 antennas of 45 m diameter reflector. 14 antennas are scattered over a central area of about one square kilometer. The remaining 16 are distributed along emanating therefrom Y- shaped arms and give maximum base length of 25 km. GMRT is run by the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.

GMRT has receiver for frequencies of 151, 235, 325, 610, and 1000 to 1420 MHz, a sixth originally planned 50 MHz was not realized. Due to the still relatively low at the site produced by humans Radiostörstrahlung and the large antennas, it is more powerful than the Very Large Array at low frequencies. As a reflector may be used at these wavelengths, a thin inexpensive metal net.


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