Gibraltar Parliament

The Parliament of Gibraltar is the legislature of the British overseas territory.

Between 1969 and 2006, Parliament was called Gibraltar Gibraltar House of Assembly. Job of Parliament is to pass legislation. The unicameral sit 17 elected members and one - elected by a simple majority of MPs - speaker. The structure and designation of the Parliament has been redesigned with the 2006 Constitution.

The Parliament building, built in 1817, located at Main Street and John Machintosh Square. On August 28, 1969, the building was opened as the Houses of Parliament by the Governor Admiral Varyl Begg.

The last elections were held on 11 October 2007. The party Gibraltar Social Democrats reached 76 334 votes ( 49.33 %) and won ten seats in parliament. The party Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party reached 49 277 votes ( 31.84 %) and won four seats in parliament. The Gibraltar Liberal Party reached 21,120 votes ( 13.65% ) and won three seats in parliament.