Gifford Peaks

- 79.583333333333 - 82.833333333333Koordinaten: 79 ° 35 ' S, 82 ° 50 ' W

The Gifford Peaks are a series of sharp peaks and ridges along the escarpment on the western side of the Heritage Range in West Antarctica. They lie between the Watlack Hills in the north- west and the Søholt peaks in the southeast. At the tops of the peaks of the Gifford Cochran Peak in the south, the Lamb and the peak 1850 m high peak Maagoe are at the northern end of the Gifford peaks. Is the wide Fendorf Glacier, which flows northwards on the eastern flank.

Your name Gifford received the peaks of a geological expedition of the University of Minnesota in 1963 / 64th They are named after Chief Warrant Officer Leonard A. Gifford, a pilot of the 62nd Transportation Detachment of the United States Army, who supported the expedition.