Gilbert Cates

Gilbert " Gil " Cates; actually Gilbert Katz ( * June 6, 1934 in New York City, New York, † October 31, 2011 in Los Angeles, California ) was an American film director and film and television producer.


Gilbert Cates ' career in film began in 1961 as a director and producer of the television series Camouflage, a short-lived game show of the U.S. ABC television network. This was followed by further work, especially for television. In 1970, he turned with I never sang for my father his first feature film. The main roles were Melvyn Douglas and Gene Hackman, both of which were nominated for their roles for an Oscar. From the early 1980s he turned exclusively television films.

In 1990 he was a producer of the television broadcast of the Academy Awards for the first time. In this capacity, he directed until 2008 14 of 18 taking place in this period Oscar transmissions. In 1991 he was awarded an Emmy for this.

From 1983 to 1987 he was president of the Directors Guild of America.

He was the uncle of actress Phoebe Cates. Their father, his brother Joseph Cates (1924-1998), was also active as a producer in the film business.

In his honor, there is a star on the Walk of Fame.

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