Gilbert de Clare, 5th Earl of Gloucester

Gilbert de Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford (* 1180, † October 25, 1230 in Brittany ) was an English peer. He was a son of Richard de Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford, and the Amice of Gloucester.

Together with his father was Gilbert in 1215 those twenty-five barons, which wrenched the signing of the Magna Carta at Runnymede King John. Then he supported the ambitions of the French prince Louis VIII to the English throne, after King John sought a revision of the Magna Carta. He fought on May 20, 1217 at the Battle of Lincoln, which ended with the defeat of the barons against the royalists. However, after Prince Louis VIII gave up his aspirations and Gilbert the new king Henry III. recognized, he was released. Shortly after his father died, whom he succeeded as Earl of Hertford, and his aunt Isabel of Gloucester, which he also received the dignity of Earl of Gloucester.

At the same time, Gilbert married Isabel Marshal ( † 1240), the daughter of his opponent of Lincoln, William Marshal. Their children were:

  • Amice de Clare (* May 27, 1220; † January 1284 ), Baldwin de Redvers with ∞, 6th Earl of Devon († 1245 )
  • Richard de Clare (* August 4, 1222; † July 15, 1262 ), 5th Earl of Hertford and 2nd Earl of Gloucester
  • Isabel de Clare (* November 2, 1226; † July 1264 ), with Robert de Brus ∞, Lord of Annandale († 1295)
  • William de Clare (* May 18, 1228; † July 1258, poisoned )
  • Gilbert de Clare (* September 12, 1229; † after 1244), cleric

Together with his brother in law, William Marshal the younger, Gilbert was engaged in the wars in Wales. In 1230 he accompanied King Henry III. to where the rebellion French Noble to assist in the Brittany to Peter Mauclerc against the regent Blanche of Castile. However, this company ended with the military defeat of the rebels against the still-young King Louis IX. of France. The English troops were not involved in any major fighting, but Gilbert died in Brittany shortly before his scheduled departure. His body was transferred to the Tewkesbury Abbey.

His widow married as early as 1231 the king 's brother, Richard of Cornwall, the later Roman-German king.


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