Gilbert, Duke of Burgundy

Giselbert, Gilbert, (c. 900;. † 8./16 956 April in Paris ) from the family Vergy was Count of Chalon, Count of Autun, Count of Auxerre and Count of Troyes and 952-956 Duke of Burgundy.


Giselbert was the son of Count Manasses I of Chalon († 918) and his wife Irmengard ( Ermengard ), which was probably a daughter of King Boso of Vienne.

Giselberts father was a loyal follower of Duke Richard the court gentleman whose son was Giselbert by his marriage to Richards daughter Ermengard.

After Giselberts brother Hugo was Black 952 died childless, Giselbert took over the counties of Autun (already 941/942 ) and Troyes. The official recognition as duke by the king Louis IV and Lothar but did not have Giselbert, but the duke was the Robertiner Hugo Magnus, he had to recognize as feudal lords. Giselbert led only the title of princeps Burgundionum.

To end the conflict with the Robertinern, Giselbert 955 married his elder daughter Liutgard with Hugo's son Otto of Burgundy, who took Giselberts successor in Autun and all sovereignty over Burgundy in the following year. The county of Troyes gave Giselbert his second daughter Adelheid as a dowry for the marriage of Robert of Vermandois, which formed the basis for the County of Champagne.

Marriages and descendants

Giselbert was married to Ermengard ( Irmgard ) of Burgundy, daughter of Duke Richard the court, Mr and sister of the Duke Hugo Black, with whom he probably had two daughters:

  • Adelheid We ( r) ra ( Adélaide, Adelaidis, Adelais ) ( † 974 ), heiress of the county of Troyes
  • Liutgard ( Liegard, Liegardis ), heiress of the county of Autun
  • Duke (Burgundy )
  • Graf ( Auxerre)
  • Graf ( Troyes )
  • Born in the 10th century
  • Died 956
  • Man