Gillian Bradshaw

Gillian Bradshaw ( born 1956 in Falls Church, Virginia) is an American writer.

Bradshaw lived among others in Washington DC, California, Chile and France. At the University of Michigan ( BA degree ) and Newnham College of Cambridge University in England ( BA and MA degrees ), she studied English literature. In 1977 she won the Hopwood Award Major Fiction of the University of Michigan for the novel Hawk of May She writes mainly historical novels, is married, has four children and lives in Cambridge, England (as of autumn 2004).

Bradshaw became famous especially by the knights of the Round Table, a three-volume cycle of Arthurian legend. The following works of the author mostly deal with historical subjects, such as the life of the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes, or play in the late Roman Empire, such as her novel Beacon at Alexandria in 1986. Moreover, Bradshaw has also written several children's books, including The Land of Gold 1992 novels set in the present, and science fiction.

Of her books have been translated into Spanish, French, and Danish.

Novels (selection)

  • Hawk of the light ( original title Hawk of May )
  • The Kingdom of Summer ( original title Kingdom of Summer )
  • The crown of Camelot (Original Title In Winter's Shadow)
  • The Song of the Wolf ( Original title The Wolf Hunt)
  • The riders of the Sarmatian (AKA Iceland of Ghosts ). Goldmann Verlag, Munich 1991, ISBN 3-442-41523-3.
  • The Seidenweberin (AKA The Colour of Power (Imperial Purple (U.S. ))) ( A conspiracy against Theodosius II )
  • The daughter of Bärenzähmers (AKA The Bear Keeper's Daughter)
  • Sky Rider ( original title Horses of Heaven) ( A Greek princess in Saken )
  • Columns in the Sand ( Original title The Sand - reckoner ) ( Archimedes )
  • The son of Cleopatra ( original title Cleopatra's Heir ) ( about Caesarion )
  • The Dragon and the Thief ( children's book )
  • The Land of Gold ( children's book )
  • Beyond the North Wind ( children's book )
  • The Wrong Reflection ( Science Fiction )
  • Dangerous Notes ( Science Fiction )
  • The Somers Treatment ( Science Fiction )
  • Render Unto Caesar
  • The Somers Treatment ( Crime)
  • Alchemy of Fire
  • The Elixir of Youth ( Science Fiction )
  • Bloodwood ( Crime)
  • Dark North ( plays during Septimius Severus' Britain campaign )
  • The Sun 's Bride ( Against the background of the Third Syrian War )