Giotto Bizzarrini

Giotto Bizzarrini ( born June 6, 1924 in Livorno, Italy ) is an Italian builder of racing cars.

Bizzarrini is an engineer, graduating from the University of Pisa. His first employment was Bizzarrini 1954 Alfa Romeo. Three years later, he joined the development department of Ferrari. As with Alfa Romeo, Bizzarrini worked here together with Carlo Chiti. The Ferrari 250 GT and below especially the Ferrari 250 GTO were his creations. In the fall of 1961 there was an intense, very personally managed dispute between Enzo Ferrari and his wife, Laura Ferrari one - and the then sales manager Girolamo Gardini Ferrari on the other hand, were dismissed in consequence Gardini and five other Ferrari employees. Among them were Giotto Bizzarrini and Carlo Chiti.

In February 1962, Chiti, Bizzarrini and the other former Ferrari employees founded the company Automobili Turismo e Sport ( ATS ), with which they pursued the goal of making Ferrari both on the road and on the racetrack serious competition. As a financier of the project initially functioned added Giorgio Billi and Jaime Ortiz Patino -, shortly after the founding of the company closed temporarily, the young Venetian entrepreneur Conte Giovanni Volpi. Bizzarrini left the company a few months back because it was not enough space in interaction with Carlo Chiti, to realize his ideas.

In 1962 Giotto Bizzarrini Livorno own design and design office named Autostar, which was later renamed in 1964 finally Società Prototipi Bizzarrini and a year in Automobili Bizzarrini SpA. First Giotto Bizzarrinis young company took on contract work in the field of vehicle and engine development. His early work included the Ferrari 250 GTO " Breadvan ", developed the Bizzarrini for the Scuderia Serenissima; next Bizzarrini was involved in the development of the ASA 1000 GT. For Lamborghini, he designed the twelve-cylinder engine of the Lamborghini 350 GTV and his successors 350 GT and 400 GT, Iso Rivolta and Bizzarrini Iso Rivolta IR constructed 300 as well as the Iso Grifo. From 1963 Bizzarrini produced in Livorno, a racing version of this car, which was initially sold by Iso Grifo A3 as / c. After the relationship with Renzo Rivolta was completed in 1965 in a dispute, put Bizzarrini production of the sports agent in its own name on. The Bizzarrini GT 5300 as a designated car was the first car that was sold under Bizzarrinis name; Bizzarrini was now become a car manufacturer. The GT 5300 was not a commercial success. Giotto Bizzarrini, who looked after by its own account only to the technical issues, was overwhelmed in economic matters. His company was financially ill-equipped and able to meet the demand only a small extent due to the lack of resources. Another racing car, the Bizzarrini P 538, was produced in only four copies. For a collaboration with Opel Bizzarrini developed yet a reduced version with the name Bizzarrini 1900 GT Europa, which, however, did not go into the series because of the success of the Opel GT. Supposedly only 17 prototypes were built. 1969 Bizzarrinis company was liquidated. Until then arose about 155 vehicles, which bore the name Bizzarrini.

After the end of the company, he worked as a consultant in the international automotive industry, and he lectured at the University of Rome. Bizzarrini designed since the 1970s repeatedly prototypes that bore his name. A series production was however never materialized.