Giovanni Battista Castello

Giambattista Castello, also Bergamasco (* 1509 in Genoa, † 1569 in Spain ) was an Italian architect of the Renaissance.


Castello began his career as a painter in Genoa, where he was a friend of Luca Cambiaso. Later Castello turned to architecture. In the classic - simple style of the High Renaissance Castello planned several palaces and churches as well as the completion of the Gothic monastery of St. Matteo in Pisa ( 1554 ).

In 1567 he was invited by the Spanish King Philip II to Spain. There he worked as a painter and planners, for example, at the Alcázar of Madrid, which was after a fire in 1724, replaced by the Royal Palace in Madrid. He also planned the Palacio del Marqués de Santa Cruz ( Viso ) in Viso del Marqués, halfway between Madrid and Seville and the Monastery of El Escorial north of Madrid. He died as the official architect for the royal palaces even before being able to afford further in this function.

  • Man
  • Historical person (Italy )
  • Builder
  • Born in 1509
  • Died in 1569