Giovanni Battista Foggini

Giovanni Battista Foggini ( born April 25, 1652 Florence, † April 12, 1725 ) was an Italian sculptor and architect.

The well-known sculptor of the late Baroque was first added in succession at two painters in the doctrine, but he soon showed a greater tendency to sculpture. In 1673, he was the young Grand Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo III. de Medici in the recently built Accademia Fiorentina sent to Rome to study. There he stayed for three years along with Ercole Ferrata, also a sculptor of the late Baroque.

After his return in 1676 he was further under the patronage of the Medici. In 1687, he became court sculptor and soon afterwards court architect. He made a large number of portrait busts of the Medici and other important personalities of Florence. He also paid several churches with bas-reliefs. From him comes the tomb of St. Francis Xavier in the Basilica do Bom Jesus in Old Goa. Foggini also had several students, including Balthasar Permoser, which further developed his style after his death.