Giovanni Battista Giraldi

Giambattista Giraldi called Cinzio (Latin Geraldus Cinthius ) (* 1504 in Ferrara, † December 30 1573 in Ferrara ) was an Italian poet, writer, philosopher, and physician.

Giraldi studied at the University of Ferrara, where he became professor of philosophy and medicine. 1543 appointed him Duke Ercole II d' Este to his secretary. This position he held until the death of this prince in 1559, he glorified in an unfinished epic. Quarrels with the secretary to Duke Alfonso II, Giovanni Battista Pigna, caused him to abandon his post and even to leave Ferrara. He moved to Mondovi, where he became professor of eloquence, went in 1569 in the same capacity to Pavia and finally returned to Ferrara, where he died on December 30, 1573.

The most notable among his works are the Degli much used by Shakespeare Hecatommithi (100 stories ), in which he seeks keep everything offensive, but lacks higher poetic talent and finer taste. Next to the found his Tragedie most applause. He tried with Egle also in the associated ancient genre of the satyr play. Sonnets and canzoni he published under the title Le fiamme.


  • Poemata (Basel 1540)
  • Egle (Ferrara 1546)
  • Le fiamme (Venice 1548, 2 vols )
  • L' Ercole (Modena 1557)
  • Degli Hecatommithi ( Mondovi 1565)
  • Tragedie (Venice 1582, 2 vols )
  • Scritti estetici ( Milan 1864, 2 vols )