Giovanni Carminucci

Carminucci Giovanni ( born November 14, 1939 in San Benedetto del Tronto, † February 16, 2007 in Rome ) was an Italian gymnast. He won the 1960 two Olympic medals.


Giovanni Carminucci began in 1949 with the gymnastics. From 1959 to 1971 he belonged to the European top. At the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960, he was on the parallel bars second behind Boris Schachlin from the Soviet team. In the team competition, he won the bronze medal in Rome after Japan and the Soviet Union. In this Italian team was also his older brother Pasquale.

1961 Carminucci European champion in horse jump ahead of his compatriot Franco Menichelli. On parallel bars Giovanni Carminucci in 1963 and 1971 European champion. In 1963 he defeated Boris Schachlin here. 1971 were Mikhail Voronin, Nikolai Andrianov and Klaus Köste together on the second rank.

1961, 1967, 1968 and 1970 Carminucci was Italian champion in the twelve- fight.


  • Summer Olympic Games in Rome in 1960 14th place in the Twelve battle
  • 2nd place on bars
  • 3rd place with the team
  • European Championship 1961 in Luxembourg 3rd place in the twelve- fight
  • 1st place in horse jump
  • 3rd place on bars
  • European Championship 1963 in Belgrade 1st place on bars
  • Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 1964 # 26 in twelve fight
  • 4th place with the team
  • European Championship 1967 in Tampere 3rd place on bars
  • Olympic Summer Games 1968 in Mexico City 12th place with the team
  • European Championships 1971 in Madrid 1st place on bars