GippsAero GA8 Airvan

The Gippsland GA -8 " Airvan " is a single-engine aircraft of the Australian aircraft manufacturer Gippsland Aeronautics.


The Airvan made ​​its maiden flight on 3 March 1995 and is popular thanks to its rugged design, especially in sparsely populated areas and bush pilots. Mass production began in 2000. Currently (as of 2008 ) were produced in total 139 Airvans and exported to more than 15 countries. Since 2006, a version with turboaufgeladenem engine TIO -540 - AH1A is available. In the future, the machine will be equipped with floats and propeller turbines.

In Germany the Gippsland GA -8 Airvan is used by the OFD Ostfriesischer air service.


The Airvan is a spacious high-wing monoplane with a large sliding door, high -lift devices, solid steel chassis and swing high ground clearance for the propeller. It offers room for seven passengers and is flown by a pilot. The cruise speed is 220 km / h The range of the Airvans is 1100 kilometers and the altitude at 3000 m. The Airvan weighs fully occupied up to 1800 lbs and is 12.70 m wide and 8.90 m long.

Military use