The Girocard, colloquially referred to as debit cards, (proper spelling girocard ) was from the Central Credit Committee (CCC; Today The German banking industry ) was founded.


Girocard is a common framework for both debit payments systems Electronic Cash (Point of Sale ) and the German ATM system. It is to guarantee the safe and easy use of debit cards using the personal identification number (PIN).

The European banking industry is currently working on the realization of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). The aim of SEPA is to all citizens to the ability to perform payment services in the euro area to the same conditions as in the home country.

The name and logo Girocard were introduced by the German banking industry in 2007. Girocard should primarily facilitate the international acceptance of German debit card in the course of creating a single logo for the SEPA.

Typical combination

A Girocard is usually combined with multiple services, including money with a rechargeable card, Maestro or V PAY function for using the card abroad, as well as rare with Nahfeldkommunikationssystemen, such as girogo, Paypass or Paywave, contactless for " " Pay - Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).