Giselher Klebe

Gislher Wolfgang adhesive ( born June 28, 1925 in Mannheim, † October 5, 2009 in Detmold ) was a German composer. From 1986 to 1989 he was president of the Academy of the Arts ( Berlin).


Adhesive was early on by his mother, Gertrude adhesive violinist, musical instruction. In 1932 the family moved to Munich. He first attended the preschool Schönherrlschen the private school, in 1935 the humanistic Gymnasium branch of the same institution. Already begun in Mannheim violin lesson he sat with Melanie Michael, his mother, a sister, continued.

Another work-related relocation of his father led him in 1936 to Rostock; took place after the separation of his parents in the same year moved with his mother and sister to Berlin. During the year 1938 he began sketching designs first composition; In 1940 he began a project funded by the city of Berlin musical studies in violin, viola and composition.

After completing his compulsory labor service bonding in 1943 was drafted into military service as a radio operator at a monitoring department. After the surrender he fell into Soviet captivity, from which he was dismissed shortly after the war due to his ill health.

In 1950 after a long convalescence adhesive composition degree again, first at the International Music Institute in Berlin in Josef Rufer, later in the master class Boris Blacher; also the composer was hired as an accountant and band program director in the Department of Serious Music of the former Berliner Rundfunk.

On September 10, 1946 adhesive married the violinist Lore Schiller (1924 [? ] -2001 ). The marriage produced two daughters, Sonja and Catherine Annette Marianne.

After resolution of his contract with the Berlin Radio in late 1948 adhesive worked as a freelance composer in Berlin. In 1957 he again chose a steady job. As the successor to Wolfgang Fortner he held now the work of a lecturer for the subjects of composition and music theory at the Northwest German Music Academy in Detmold; took place in 1962, the appointment Klebes professor. From his master class emerged a number of respected composers. After his retirement in 1990 adhesive remained the Hochschule für Musik Detmold close ties. He died in 2009 after a serious illness.

His oeuvre includes more than 140 compositions, including seven symphonies, 15 solo concerts, chamber music pieces of different occupation, piano pieces, sacred music and 14 operas, for the most part Lore adhesive as librettist working with him. His first opera was The Robbers (1957, Dusseldorf ), loosely based on Friedrich Schiller's drama. As commissioned by the Hamburg State Opera he composed the opera premiered in November 1965 JACOBOWSKY and the Colonel by Franz Werfel's play of the same. On behalf of the Staatstheater Darmstadt he wrote together with Lore Glue the Opera The Carnival confession on the story by Carl Zuck Mayer, which was premiered on 20 December 1983 in Darmstadt. His last opera was Chlestakows return (2008, Detmold ), with a libretto on Nikolai Gogol's comedy The Inspector was based.

Honors, Memberships


  • Alfons Nowacki (* 1935)
  • Peter Michael Braun (born 1936)
  • Hans Martin Corrinth (* 1941), 1962-1966
  • Martin Christoph Redel ( b. 1947 )
  • Theo Brandmüller (1948-2012)
  • Thomas Meyer- Fiebig ( b. 1949 )
  • Peter Ludwig ( * 1951)
  • Andreas Lindenbaum ( b. 1963 ), from 1982 to 1986?
  • Jens Holzenkamp
  • Matthias Pintscher (born 1971 ), 1988-1992
  • Lars Woldt ( b. 1972 )
  • Ernst Christian Möller ( musicologist )