Gish is an album by the Smashing Pumpkins

It was recorded from December 1990 to March 1991 in Butch Vigs Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin. During the recording of strong tensions within the band emerged. Many consider the Smashing Pumpkins particularly because of their albums from their early days for a grunge band, but by the psychedelic sound, which is particularly prominent on Gish, allows the band to include more alternative rock and progressive rock genre. I Am One, Rhinoceros, Daydream and bury me there was already in 1989 as demo versions. They were taken over again for Gish.

The album was named after the silent film actress Lillian Gish.

The following songs were written for Gish, however, did not come on the album:

  • Blue (already released on the EP Lull, and later on the rarities collection Pisces Iscariot )
  • Obscured (released on Pisces Iscariot )
  • Slunk ( released on the EP Lull )
  • Why Am I So Tired? ( released on the live CD Earphoria )
  • Jesus Loves His Babies ( never officially released, part of the online published rarities collection Mashed Potatoes Box Set )
  • La Dolly Vita ( originally B -side on the single Tranquillien, re-released on Pisces Iscariot )

Track list

All songs written by Billy Corgan, except I Am One ( written by Billy Corgan and James Iha )

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