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Giske is an island and a commune in the province (county ) Møre og Romsdal in Norway. It is located north-northwest of the city of Ålesund.

According to Snorre Sturlason Giske said to be the place where Harald Fairhair has cut his hair after he had united Norway.

Geography and transport

The municipality of Giske consists of four main islands: The historical significance because of its eponymous island Giske, Vigra, Valderøya and Godøy. In addition, includes many smaller islands to the commune.

Important towns are Alnes on Godøy, Roald on Vigra and Valkvjet on Valderøy.

All four main islands are accessible via tunnels, bridges and dams of Ålesund: The Ellingsøytunnel one first arrives on the island Ellingsøy and from there through the Valderøytunnel on the island Valderøya. Its northern coast is connected by a causeway to the island Vigra, the same street of the Ålesund Airport; on its west coast, the Giskebrücke extends to the island of Giske, of which in turn leads to the Godøytunnel Godøy.


  • Giske Church is a marble church from the 12th century.
  • Skjonghelleren is a cave on Valderøy in which, among other things, traces of Stone Age settlements have been found.
  • In the fishing village Alnes on Godøy there is a monumental lighthouse.
  • The Mjeltehaugen, a Bronze Age grave mound on the southeast coast Giskes, is the northernmost of its kind