Giubbe rosse

The Redcoats ( Original title: Giubbe rosse ) is a 1974 adventure film turned to Mounties in Canada, the Aristide Massaccesi staged in the style of spaghetti westerns. Alternatively video title is The merciless mob. The German -language premiere was on 17 May 1977 on television.


Caribou friend Elizabeth is a popular singer, and he uses their fees in order to pay its caused by playing poker and drinking sessions not inconsiderable debt. The Mountie Bill Cormack saves him from an angry mob that follows him chasing from the saloon. Caribou takes on the life of an outlaw and steals with like-minded people a gold courier 's delivery. With the spoils he goes to Elizabeth, to emigrate with her to the States. However, decides against it; she wants to stay in Bill's close, although that does not seem to share their affection. Hatred between the men produced; Bill makes it his mission to put Caribou his craft.

Years later, Elizabeth and Bill got married and a son, Jimmy. Meanwhile, Caribou flees once again from the prison where he has eingesesseh many times. When he tracks down Bill, Elizabeth died and Jimmy in his sole custody. Caribou kidnaps Jimmy in the north, where he has hidden the stolen gold back then. With a detachment of redcoats Bill followed his trail; the former cronies, led by Wolf, are behind him. When Jimmy ill on the way, he is operated on by a doctor; as Bill learns the whereabouts of caribou. It comes at a meeting, in which Bill Caribou despite the opportunity to kill him, spared: This is his brother. Together they fight the gangsters to save Jimmy; Caribou comes in the successful battles killed.


" Conventional adventure cinema at a very modest level. " Said the lexicon of international film. Christian Kessler writes that the film is good to watch when he bit awkward telling his story and suspects, the film was produced with an eye on the children's market.

The Italian C. R. wrote positive, the film understand it, to present his eventful action by cutting and matching tone with more detailed figure drawing.


The film song Day After Day sings Lynne Frederick.

For this film, director and cinematographer Massaccesi used for the first time be Stammpseudonym Joe D' Amato.


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