Giuseppe Forti

Giuseppe Forti ( born December 21, 1939 † 2 July 2007) was an Italian astronomer and discoverer of asteroids.

His main area of ​​work was the celestial mechanics. He was next to Andrea Boattini the initiators of the project, founded in 1999 Aneopp ( Arcetri NEO Precovery Program), which was at the Arcetri Observatory ( Osservatorio di Arcetri Astrofisico ) in Arcetri, a suburb of Florence, promoted and was a member of the CINEOS project. He was a member of the Division III ( Planetary Systems Sciences) of the International Astronomical Union and worked there in the Commissions 15 ( Physical study of comets and minor planets ), 20 ( positions and movements of small planets, comets and satellites) and 22 ( meteors, meteorites and interplanetary dust).


The asteroid ( 6876 ) Beppeforti was named after him.