Giuseppe Sinopoli

Giuseppe Sinopoli ( born November 2, 1946 in Venice, † 20 April 2001 in Berlin ) was an Italian conductor, psychiatrist, composer and archaeologist.



Sinopoli grew up in Messina on Sicily, where he began training as an organist at the local conservatory with twelve years. At 15, he returned to his hometown of Venice. There he studied 1965-1967 at the Conservatory and music - on his father's wishes - at the same time at the University of Padua medicine, psychiatry and anthropology. Further composition studies he undertook, inter alia, with Bruno Maderna in Darmstadt and Franco Donatoni in Siena. In 1972, he completed his medical studies with a PhD.

Musical career

Thereafter, he concentrated on music and received a lectureship for electronic and contemporary music in Venice. In the same year he began to occupy conducting courses in Vienna with Hans Swarovsky. In 1975 he founded the Bruno Maderna Ensemble for New Music. In the 1970s, he appeared primarily as a composer in appearance; His music could be heard at festivals for new music.

1978 Sinopoli began career as an opera conductor in Venice with Aida by Giuseppe Verdi. He developed his interpretation of the Verdean music as opposed to the then performance practice from the study of the sources of original scores; his performances were given by a more transparent orchestral sound and made ​​many audible to date not one musical details of the score. His performance of the opera Macbeth of the same composer's two years later at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, which was committed to the same aesthetic standards, was a great success and is regarded as the beginning of his now beginning international conducting career, which was pushed into the background the composition activity.

With an acclaimed premiere of Verdi's early work Attila ( with Nikolaj Gjaurow, Mara Zampieri, Piero Cappuccilli, directed by Giulio Chazalettes ) he made his debut in 1980 at the Vienna State Opera ( recording now on CD published ). In 1982 he conducted there just Macbeth ( with Renato Bruson, Zampieri and Nikolaj Gjaurow; Director Peter Wood ), 1986 still followed Puccini's Manon Lescaut ( Freni Mirella with, Peter Dvorsky, Bernd Weikl, Kurt Rydl; director Otto Schenk). His last Viennese premiere of Richard Strauss opera was Die Frau ohne Schatten (1999, directed by Robert Carsen ).

From 1985 to conducted Sinopoli every year at the Bayreuth Festival: 1985-1989 Tannhauser, 1990-1993 The Flying Dutchman (directed by Dieter Dorn ), 1994 to 1999 Parsifal (director Wolfgang Wagner ) and 2000 restaging Ring des Nibelungen (directed by Jürgen Flimm ). After Sinopoli's death, the Hungarian colleague Adam Fischer took over the ring - conducting.

Major stations of Sinopoli's career include:


Sinopoli suffered on 20 April 2001, when he conducted at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the opera Aida as a gesture of reconciliation for the meantime deceased opera director Götz Friedrich ( see Section musical career ), during the performance of a heart attack, he died shortly afterwards. He was buried in the cemetery Campo Verano in Rome.


As a conductor was Sinopolis musical emphasis on the operas of Verdi and Puccini and the German and Austrian musical tradition of the 19th and 20th century by Schubert, Wagner, Mahler and Richard Strauss to the Second Viennese School.

Giuseppe Sinopoli prepared until shortly before his sudden death in front of the defense of a dissertation in Near Eastern archeology with the theme " The Assyrian culture in Mesopotamia ".


The town of Taormina, Sicily ( Taormina Arte or the Agency ) is dedicated to the memory of Giuseppe Sinopoli since 2005, a festival that takes place annually in October. Sinopoli was 1989-1997 art director of Music Department of Taorminer parish fairs. In this Giuseppe Sinopoli Sinopoli Festival is not only intended as a musician, conductor and composer, but also as a physician, archaeologist and intellectual people. Thus, the festival combines music, theater, literature and visual arts in meetings, exhibitions, publications and of course concerts to the orchestra every year important to arrive. On the occasion of the first Giuseppe Sinopoli Festival in collaboration with the Conservatorio " Arcangelo Corelli " founded in Messina the Sinopoli Chamber Orchestra, in which the musical composition alternate young talents, students and faculty of the Peloritan Conservatory and perform mainly compositions by Giuseppe Sinopoli.


  • Compositions (selection ) Souvenirs à la mémoire (1974 )
  • Tombeau d'armor I-III (I: 1975 II: 1977 III: 1978)
  • Lou Salomé. Opera (first performed in 1981 at the Bavarian State Opera in Munich )