Gizmodo is a gadget blog, which is operated by Gawker Media. Gizmodo was the first gadget blog, and supplies for years with its spin-off Engadget competition for the place of the most influential and widely read blog of the genre and has about 150 million page views a month.

Gizmodo was founded in 2002, the first posts were about the Hewlett Packard Journada and the then largest drive in the world with 200 GB. Gizmodo was the first blog of the owner Nick Denton, the Gawker later developed from Gizmodo out. By its own account after he wondered when reading the Wired magazine why that appears only on a monthly basis, if it does come constantly new devices on the market. First editor was Peter Rojas, who also wrote Red Herring, the budget in the early days was a few hundred dollars a month, so that Gizmodo was quick in the black.

2004, the blog about 1,100,000 unique visits a month. After Gizmodo first earned money through the Amazon Affiliates program, it was after a few months successfully with ads.

2003/2004, the so-called tech blog Gizmodo and Engadget Wars between took place. Engadget had been a year later founded by Peter Rojas, and fought for the position as the most important online publication for gadgets. While Gizmodo describes itself as a blog, Engadget sees itself as a magazine. The tone is informal at Gizmodo as at Engadget. Gizmodo is more tailored to the position of the current editor in chief, Engadget over a group publication. In the relevant Blog Charts and rankings both a head-to -head race to deliver the top position. For smaller companies, a Gizmodo post affect the future business of the company and multiply the traffic to the website.

The business model of Gizmodo is primarily based on it with little effort to write a variety of posts. Thus, the salaried bloggers have to write a rate of about 10 to 12 blog posts per day. Like the other Gawker blogs also, it also works in a display -friendly topic.

Gizmodo Germany has existed since 2005 as a licensed edition, but is for the most part only of translated texts of the English edition. Visitors to the English side with a German IP address can be automatically redirected to