Gjendesheim is a small town on the eastern end of Lake Gjende in Norway. It lies on the edge of the national parks of Jotunheimen in the municipality of Lom the Fylke Oppland.

Actually, the site consists of only from the same managed hiking hut in the Norwegian Trekking Association The Norwegian Tourist Association (DNT), a parking lot with a kiosk ( Gjendeosen ), a campsite and some more distant huts. Mostly Gjendesheim is equated with the DNT hut.

Natural and non-regulated - - Gjende in the Sjoa In Gjendesheim the pours. The height is slightly above the lake at 994 moh.

Gjendesheim forms a popular starting point for hiking in Jotunheimen. In particular, the route over the Besseggen Memurubu is one of the most popular hiking routes in Norway. Gjendesheim can be reached via a 2 km long diversion from Riksvei 51 well by car.


A particularly well-known figure here was the reindeer hunters, hikers and freethinkers Jo Gjende (1794-1884), who lived a long time on Gjendeosen near Gjendesheim. His hut is still standing today. It has been restored and can be visited.


Originally, the building of the hut near Leirungen towards Valdresflya was planned. However, it was then built on the present site. It is now one with more than 170 beds to the biggest and most visited of the DNT huts.

The Innkeepers ( Bestyrer ) the hut Gjendesheim were:

  • Unlike Rusnes: 1878-1901
  • Kari Rusnes: 1901-1920
  • Ragnhild Repp: 1920-1950
  • Bjørg Hult Nystrøm: 1950-1952
  • Marit and Jens Skogstad: 1952-1958
  • Åslaug and Nils Vole: 1959-1974
  • Sonja and Olav Gaute Vole: 1975-1977
  • Olav Gaute Vole: 1977-1980
  • Bjørg Aaseng Vole and Olav Gaute Vole: since 1980