Gjoko Taneski

Gjoko Taneski ( Macedonian: Ѓоко Танески, born March 2, 1977 in Ohrid, Yugoslavia ) is a Macedonian Rock-/Popsänger. He represented his native country at the semi-final of the Euro Vision Song Contest 2010 in Norway, but retired there and missed it so to participate in the finals of the competition.

Life before the Euro Vision Song Contest 2010

The singer comes from the lying to the Albanian border town of Ohrid, which is a popular tourist destination Macedonian today. His career as a professional musician began Taneski 1996. He was a member of several bands and solo published two albums.

Macedonian Vorendscheidung for ESC 2010/Teilnahme the semi-finals

After he was asked by the composer Kristijan Gabrovski if he wanted to participate in the Macedonian Vorendscheid to Euro Vision Song Contest 2010, he came there about two qualifying rounds next 15 other candidates to the final, the Skopje Fest 2010 on 20 February. There he contributed the song Jas ja imam silata before, which was previously produced by Gabrovski in collaboration with Darko Tasev and Vesna Mali Nova. In the preliminary round, the judgment of a neutral jury and the result of a televoting were considered half each. After calculating the score Taneski on a par with the candidate Vlatko Ilievski. The rules of the contest stipulated in this case that the candidate wins, which has received a higher jury voting. This was Taneski and so he went to Macedonia on May 25, in the semifinals of the Euro Vision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo at the start. There, however, he could not impress enough the European jury and the audience to feed into the final.



  • Zbogum Najmila (2007)
  • Niko gas Dosta (2009)


  • Never Enough (2008)
  • Niko gas Dosta (2009)
  • Jas ja imam silata (2010)