GL is the abbreviation for:

  • Greenland, according to ISO 3166 Air Greenland (IATA ), the national airline of Greenland
  • And its capital Glarus (Location )

For the following function and unit designations:

  • Joint Spatial Planning Department Berlin -Brandenburg, an institution of the German federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg for Spatial Research and Planning
  • Lieutenant-General, a high officer rank
  • Management (Management)
  • Group leader

For several companies and products:

  • Germanischer Lloyd in Hamburg, a classification society for ships and offshore platforms
  • Miami Air International (IATA ), an American charter airline
  • Garbe Lahmeyer & Co., an electrical engineering company from Aachen and for his successor GL AG
  • The brand name of the former Italian car manufacturer industry Automobilistiche Novaresi
  • Mercedes -Benz GL-Class, a product available since 2006 SUV from Mercedes -Benz

GL as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Rheinisch -Bergisch loop ( for ( Bergisch ) Gladbach)
  • UK: Maidstone
  • Moldova: Rajon Glodeni
  • Romania: Galaţi county
  • Switzerland: Canton of Glarus
  • Serbia: Gnjilane (Kosovo)
  • Slovakia: Okres Gelnica

GL is also the commonly used abbreviation for the following terms:

  • General linear group in mathematics
  • Deaf or Deaf in human medicine
  • Geis Lieh, a common neo-Nazis in code for " Sieg Heil " which is banned in Germany and Austria Hitler salute
  • Social studies, a school subject in North Rhine -Westphalia and Hesse
  • Glycemic load, glycemic effect of carbohydrate- containing foods
  • English good luck ( good luck '), see list of abbreviations (network jargon ) # G
  • Praise of God, the unified prayer and song book for all dioceses of the German-speaking area of the Catholic Church
  • , Often commonly used graphics library, first versions of Silicon Graphics OpenGL as shortcut for graphics libraries
  • Limit load
  • Groen Links, a green party in the Netherlands
  • SAR Class GL, the Garratt locomotives of the South African Railways

GL as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Belgium: Tractors

Eq stands for:

  • Track
  • Deafness, a memorial in the severely handicapped, see handicapped ID # features and frontlets

Gl stands for:

  • Galician language, according to ISO 639-1
  • The country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of Greenland, see. gl
  • MAN gl, an off-road truck for the Bundeswehr

GL is:

  • An outdated operating class of fuses fuse # tripping characteristic and operating class
  • Disambiguation
  • Abbreviation