Glasgow Haskell Compiler

The Glasgow Haskell Compiler, and The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation system, but mainly known as a GHC is an open source compiler for the programming language Haskell. He himself is written in Haskell and now produces native machine code for the particular platform.

GHC is now considered the Haskell implementation with the most features and the widest dissemination.


The design of Haskell had been a result of the Conference on Functional Programming Languages ​​and Computer Architecture, 1987, it had become clear to the effect that the development of functional programming through the many different languages ​​( many of which member of the ML family) was delayed. For this reason, a new comprehensive language should be designed, namely Haskell.


First, the Haskell code is parsed into a single data structure to perform type checking. Haskell is a strongly typed language, so this step is very important (if here are no errors, the probability that the program is error-free, very high).


The GHC supports two important standards Haskell Haskell 98 and Haskell 2010 completely. In addition, he implemented yet many more extensions to the language and the type system.



The following is a sample session with reloading of code, information about features, instances and types, etc.: